i used to look at her hands and think she always picked the perfect nail polish. Staring at her jaw line and her eyelashes she was exactly how i pictured my girlfriend to look. Flipping her hair to one side, her mouth half open she looked up from her book, paused and said with a snip, "what?!" "i'm just looking" i countered, startled i was caught in mid-lurker gaze. truth is i wanted her to notice. this is the moment i remember. the moment that was most intense. the moment both of our faces look at each other head on. the drives, the motives...you never realize how rare it is to have two people look at each another. i took advantage of the moment; i breathed in her exhale and felt her swoon that they speak of in books. like your hair is slowly melting across your forehead causing your eyes to close and your chin to lift. god himself could not envision something so pristine. she was made for forehead kisses. she was made to accentuate reflected light. she was made to float when she walked. she was made good. good enough to love someone who didn't deserve her love. she was made for me.