amazing drop crotch pants
inspired by camille.

my best friend brionne.

she's a supermodel.

last night at church we had a "blogger" photoshoot, trying to act like our favorite girls.

this is what we got.



louis vuitton.

true shoe art.




check him out! follow his blog!




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life is beautiful



always perfect.

hats off to mr.lagerfield




i am considering this



lookbook faves

i love hats.

i love flannel.

i love pretty scarfs.

i love lookbook.



-wildfox couture







so here it goes...
i have had a lot of thoughts in my head lately and i am just going to try and write them out.

currently i really want to travel the world.
i want to meet crazy people and tell them how awesome i think they are, and just encourage them. i love people who are not afraid to be themselves. i think that is one of the greatest gifts. i want to take pictures of all those people and let them tell me their stories and let their stories inspire me while im home and let their pictures remind me of all the great people i have met. and all the ridiculous people i will meet.

also i really want to do missions work.
and tell everyone i see that God loves them, and that i probably would to! i just want to minister in their life. i just want to love on people. i want to spread love. maybe ill start a movement, maybe ill change a life, or maybe ill just inspire someone to do the same. it doesn't matter to me. i just want to know i tried. i refuse to be just another person in this world who will sit back and do nothing but secure their own life. honestly, that is insanely selfish.i want to reflect Jesus' character. i want people to see his light in me.

(also this has nothing to do with the other but...)

fashion is one of the only things that makes sense to me,
i can't even explain to you how, but it just fits in my life. the individuality and the confidence to be bold and stand up and make your body a canvas for art, it all just is so perfect. i just want everyone to have that experience. to walk down the street and have no care in the world as to what someone might say about you or what outfit you are rocking but to just have that sense of confidence in yourself. that is why i want to make clothes. i want to inspire people. i want people to put on my dresses and love the way they feel, love the way they look, and just love themselves for a change! i want that more than anything. i know this is kinda weird, but i really do care about people! im tired of 7 year old girls telling me they are ugly and fat. that is ridiculous. i want to make those beautiful little children know they are beautiful. and i want to do it with my clothes!

and i know this is all kind of random and weird, but this is how my brain works. scattered. im scattered-brained.

and today i feel like i want to change the world.

anyone want to help?



free expression...

in your room



not sure the designer, but they are brilliant

Natalie Foran

The Whitehouse Institute of Design.
Level 3, 55 Liverpool Street
Sydney NSW 2000

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